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Community and Economic Development

Many people debate what factors attract businesses to Arkansas. Some want to say it is low taxes or favorable tax policy. While incentives and favorable business taxes may entice industry to Arkansas, the single biggest relocation factor is workforce. Without a prepared workforce, we cannot grow our industry. If we do not grow our industry, we do not have the jobs that power our economy and keep Arkansans in the state.

We MUST have jobs that will retain Arkansans and make our state a place to raise a family. We do that by growing and creating industry that produces jobs.

Education and jobs create the economic engine that powers our state. However, besides developing our people, we must develop the infrastructure that will make our economy thrive. It is essential for developing strong, healthy, and sustainable communities and is vital for a good quality of life. Water and Sewer are the basic and necessary infrastructure, but we must also make the proper investments in our ports, roads, and broadband. As electricity was in the 20th century; broadband is the most vital utility for community and economic development in the 21st century! No longer is minimum investment good enough, if we are going to grow our economy and educate our children; we must make the maximum investment today to secure the most competitive edge for tomorrow.

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